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Jan 7, 2013
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  1. I don't know if this is the right category/forum to post this, but here you go:

    I have a Samsung T27A750 27 inch Full HD TV which is also my PC monitor.

    Now I have a question, and I'm noticing this everywhere, tried several computers and several screens:

    When I watch HD TV on my screen it goes very fluently/smooth, a very great depth of field etc. Also when I use Smart TV and use the YouTube App, a full HD YouTube video plays great, nice colors, awesome depth of field etc etc.

    Also when I plug in an external HDD to the screen directly, play a full HD movie; nice colors, great depth of field, smooth.

    But now my question:
    When I play a (full) HD movie via my computer (on this same screen), it doesn't look so 'lifely' anymore. Framerate seems to have dropped (it doesn't go as fluent anymore), and there's not much depth of field. The difference between TV and PC is HUGE.
    The difference between playing a same (YouTube) Video/Movie directly via the PC or via the smart TV YouTube App is a HUGE difference. When I play it via the PC it looks aweful, not very smooth, no depth of field.

    Screen is hooked up with hdmi to PC. PC is good enough, i5 processor, GTX560 graphic card etc. Should definitely be enough to watch a full HD movie or Youtube video right?

    I've tried this with multiple Samsung TV's we have in the house and also with some other computers -> all same result.

    What I want?
    I want to get the same nice quality, smoothness and depth of field that I get when hooking up a HD directly to the screen (or using smart TV youtube app) when I play something via my PC. How's this possible?

    Any explanations are appreciated.
  2. TechGamer

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    This is probably being effected eighter by your cpu or ur graphics card check if when u go into full screen on youtube your cpu hits 100% + what is your graphics card

    state them below
  3. Zedaxy

    Zedaxy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Screen is hooked up with hdmi to PC. PC is good enough, i5 processor, GTX560 graphic card etc. Should definitely be enough to watch a full HD movie or Youtube video right?

    CPU is around 50% when playing a full HD youtube video. Graphic card is also not bad, so should be able to deal with it easily.
  4. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    50% is a lot. Weird.

    I'd check to see what post-processing is enabled while in TV mode. Probably your PC HDMI connection has no post-processing, hence the large difference.

    Monikers like fluid vision, 100Hz, something-something-sense... you get the picture (pun not intended).
  5. Zedaxy

    Zedaxy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay I managed to get the 'nice video quality' via my PC as well. Here's what I did:

    In the source settings of the screen (Samsung), I went to tools. My computer was now set as DVI-PC in the settings of the monitor. I changed it to PC and it stayed the same. Then I changed it to DVD (or TV) and it changed. Now when I play a movie via the PC it shows the nice video quality/colors etc of how it shows it when playing directly from a harddisk; perfect. I have dual monitor setup (2x same monitor). Here's a preview of what it looks like now.

    Close-up left screen (TV function):
    Close-up right screen (PC function):
    The left screen has the TV function enabled, the right one has the PC function enabled. As you can see, the colors on the right screen are very dull, no sharpened/obvious edges on the grass and check how nice the grass looks like on the left screen compared to the right screen. On the left screen (tv function) it has more depth, you can like individually separate the blades of grass; they have more 'depth'. That's what I mean with my interpretation of 'depth of field'.

    However, there's a problem.
    When I put the monitor on the TV setting, movies look fine, but normal webbrowsing/desktop etc looks f*cked up:
    TV function:
    PC function:

    The text and icons etc on the TV function look awful. The text is hard to read, and the icons looked terrible. There was a weird "ghosting" effect around the text as well. I went into the TV settings and turned down the 'Sharpness' to 0. That fixed this issue mostly but text is still harder to read than on the PC function. Also, when I compare the TV function with the standard sharpness vs the TV function with the sharpness at 0 (for movies), sharpness at 0 doesn't look as good as the standard sharpness (for movies). But the text looks aweful with this standard sharpness lol.

    Also I noticed when I set the setting on the monitor as TV/DVD, there is a delay in mouse movement. So when I move my mouse, it takes a few miliseconds for the mouse to move on the screen. Pretty annoying (definitely for gaming).
    So I guess the best thing for me to do is just keep my screens at the PC setting. And only when I wanna watch a movie I'll have to put it to TV setting then. Or does anyone have any other ideas?
  6. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    In a nutshell - that's what you get for using a TV. Here are more details:

    - The TV uses post-processing, like I mentioned earlier. Almost all TV's have some form of this. What happens, is that the TV grabs the signal and applies various 'fixes' to it, to make it more suitable for the TV screen viewing.

    - Movies: Set the TV to TV-mode, and effects will be nicer.

    - Browsing web - your pics show the difference. TV-mode will add blurs etc to the screen, making text look whack. PC-mode leaves the TV in a 1:1 pixel-to-pixel mode. That is, it is showing the screen as it should look like, with no post-processing.

    - Mouse delay: TV's are generally slower than monitors in terms of input lag. 2ms grey-to-grey is a typical monitor refresh rate, while TV's are around 8-10ms. If you enable post-processing, this delay goes through the roof.

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