freeware requied: PDF to PPT converter!

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Feb 16, 2006
  1. Is there a freeware out there that does this for me? I've found a coupla products, but they want me to buy it!! I have a 550-page document that I have to go through for a test. It'd be great if I could convert it in to ppt (as I want to use those particular slides later on). There's no other shortcut as of now. So, if someone could point me in the right direction, it'd be great!!

    Thanks!! :D :D
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    Try this site:


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    Sheeee I don't want to bother Please pass me

    I couldn't understand what I doing
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    How does that have anything to do with his problem? He is not ripping a cd.

    I don't know of any tool to convert pdf to ppt. I had to do this recently at work, fortunately it was only 25 pages. But what I ended up doing was opening the pdf in Preview (OS X) and saving each page as jpg and then pasting that into a powerpoint slide.
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    Well, I guess this isn't for OS X Tiger, but anyway (for SNGX and other Mac users):

    For long PDF files you could create an Automator task: Render PDF Pages as Images -> Rename Finder Items (make sequential filenames).

    Then you could create a macro for PowerPoint to insert images as slides.
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