Freezing and much more

By Steve0
Jan 20, 2011
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  1. Here's my story, my computer was freezing at first. It only froze about once every other week for about 3 months. At first I just shut it off and turned it back on and boom it was fixed. Then 2 days ago when I shut it off and turned it back on it was freezing on the boot up. Now keep in mind it wasn't in a boot loop. It was actually freezing on the HP invent screen. Then I removed my byos the battery on my mother board. This is when things got bizzar. And yes I unplugged my pc before doing so. After replacing the byos and plugging the pc back in everything went fuzzy. At first thought graphics card. I turned th pc off for about 30 mins and came back to see what more I could do. When I turned it on it worked like normal. I was suprised to see this after the horrible display it had givin me just 30mins ago. And within 1hljr it froze again. When I restarted it it was all fuzzy yet again so I figured I'll shut it off for30 and try again and it worked like a charm for another hour. Froze again did this all day long and by the end of the day it was working normal like nothing had happened. I left it on overnight and in the morning when I woke up I found it to be turned off. Turrned it on and it booted up to the HP Invent boot up. Then the unexpected happend and it went to a black screen and said byios detecting arryas. And when I left it on for 20mins it smelt like an fire. I felt the onboard graphics card the byois and the motherboard and found nothing even warm. What's going on any suggestions?
  2. gwailo247

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    The fire smelling part is strongly suggestive of some kind of electrical short.

    Any chance your system is still under warranty?
  3. Steve0

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    2007 hP no chance.

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