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FREQUENT Crashing with nVidia GeForce 6800 GT

By Hypnosan ยท 40 replies
Oct 18, 2005
  1. Hypnosan

    Hypnosan Topic Starter

    Well the new card fixed it, played F.E.A.R. for a couple of hours without any problems at all. For the others having this issue, I'd recommend running through the standard checks and such, if nothing you do seems to fix it see if you can get in touch with the card maker. If your card is an earlier BFG you're probably having the same issue I am with the card and BFG won't hesitate to replace it for you.
  2. DaGGeR

    DaGGeR TS Rookie

    i have updated my drivers and ran memtest with no errors....what should i do?
  3. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Posts: 171

    What are your GPU temps?
  4. DaGGeR

    DaGGeR TS Rookie

    i'm getting about 40C on my cpu and 32C on my MB whatever those are :D hope this helps

    i do have a faulty chipset fan that makes alot of wasn't doing that when i first bought my computer and it was still crashing so i think its an rma
  5. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Posts: 171

    Those temps are ok. I'm more ineterested in the video card temp. right click on the desktop and select Nvidia display. Whne that utility comes up select temperature setting and tell us what the temp is. Run a game and then switch out of it and quickly read the temp again.
  6. DaGGeR

    DaGGeR TS Rookie

    out of game:
    Core slowdown 135C
    GPU Core:62C
    Ambient Temp: 46C

    In Game: after 2 mins?
    gpu core: 70C
    ambient: 50C
  7. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406


    You mention your chipset fan is bad. I see you got one of those boards as well eh?

    Me too. Exact same board, exact same problem. Call up ASUS and they'll send you a chipset fan replacement right away. It is a well known problem.

    (But as long as your chipset temps are not getting too high, it is not the cause of your crashes)

    Your GPU temps are also well within reason. No problems there at all.

    What are the timings of the ram you are using? My hunch is that your board just isn't liking that ram too much.
  8. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    It is quite possible that every piece of hardware you have is just perfectly fine and will pass all tests. But that doesn't mean they all are compatible and will work together.

    See if ASUS has a memory compatibility chart or anything like that.
  9. DaGGeR

    DaGGeR TS Rookie

    ok i dont know how to check ram speed and i couldn't find any charts on the asus site...
  10. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    The program CPUZ from will tell you what your RAM speeds are set to right now.
    And you can see what your RAM is supposed to be by looking up your exact kind on Corsair's web site. It should say something like 2-2-2-6 or 4-2-2-8 or some sort of combo.
    Then these settings are put into CMOS through your BIOS setup.

    And then, when someone says to "slow" your RAM, they mean raising those numbers up.
  11. BringinHeat

    BringinHeat TS Rookie Posts: 139

    Your problem is not the card, your problem is the game Fear. Well seems like for some RMAing the card fixed the problem but if you have no problems playing any game other than fear then the game is the issue.

    There have been numerous complaints about 6800 Gts crashing while playing fear their tech dept recommends that fast write should be turned off, card should be underclocked by 20 mhz from stock and eax hardware mixing should be turned off.

    I think it is kinda stupid to do all that just to get Fear to not crash your whole computer but this is what they have suggested. The following is their website tech support:
  12. fiXXXer

    fiXXXer TS Rookie

    Power Supply


    I am having a related issue with a GeForce FX5900.
    My system hasn't locked up yet, but that is probably because I haven't played a game since I started getting this error.
    I believe the issue is related to the NeoHE line of power supplies, as I also use a NeoHE, the 500W version.
    I was using a True450 (Or something), and then upgraded to the NeoHE500. Imediately after, I began receiving an error stating that I have not connected a power source to my video card, which I had.
    So I turned off the system, changed rails, connected a dedicated rail to the video card, and still no luck.

    I've checked my voltages, and they are on par.

    I am waiting to hear back from Antec.

  13. DaGGeR

    DaGGeR TS Rookie

    as for me, i tried to rma my card, they removed all drivers and installed the correct ones and my card seems to be working fine now...double check your drivers, mobo and card!
  14. iNcorruptible

    iNcorruptible TS Rookie

    Same same

    This issue is driving me crazy.

    It's been nearly 1 year since I purchased my BFGtech Geforce 6800GT OC, it's been a week I have been having the same issue as described by Hypnosan, not only in F.E.A.R but also Black and White 2, and the freeze comes at a random time.

    I can't RMA, since I am not a resident of the U.S. So I hope you can help me out with this.

    Here's the specs of my PC.

    PIV 3.2 GHZ 1MB Cache
    Intel 865PERL
    1GB (2x512MB) DDR400 RAM
    WD HDD 200GB
    BFG Geforce 6800GT OC, equipped w/ Arctic Cooler NV Silencer.
    The 6800's temperature varies between 68C and 80C during play, so I don't think it's a temperature issue.

    I am using the latest NVIDIA driver, plus I have all latest driver updates and BIOS updates for the motherboard.
  15. nrgsa121

    nrgsa121 TS Rookie

    Had the same problem with my 6800GT

    I also had the same problem, try deleting nvidia drivers(all of it) & install the new driver and only the new one, it worked for me. (Ingame and sometimes just playing a tune with winamp Visuals on tv out, happend alot in counter strike source, but now it pers like a kitten )
  16. Prommah

    Prommah TS Rookie


    I've been having the same problem for a while now, a little worse than everyone else though.

    My card is an XFX 256mb 6800GT (AGP). I'll try to dig up some details later.

    This started a few weeks ago, around the time I got a new monitor.

    Recently my CRT had broken, so I had been using the TV as a monitor for a few days, my new LCD eventualy arrived, and after a few days, (just before I went away for two weeks), it started screwing up. Random colours, PC eventualy rebooting, etc.

    After I came back, it was fine. I was happy that the problem was gone, then in the middle of a game, boom, there it was. Now it happens before I can even log in, sometimes after I reboot, it fails to output any video as soon as it begins to load XP.

    But one interesting thing I think I've found out, is that it seems to be ok when running without any drivers. It's 100% fine in safe mode, and if I uninstall the nVidia display drivers, and boot up normally, it seems to be ok. But recently I think that also failed, but that would be the first time.

    I've tried older drivers from the XFX website, no change. I've removed all nVidia drivers, motherboard drivers, run driver cleaner, then installed them all again, nothing.

    I'm now using my other graphics card, with the latest drivers from nVidia, no problems whatsoever.

    A little after this began, I realised that I had actualy made a hardware change around the time this started happening. I had three sticks of RAM inside my PC at the time, 2x256mb, and one 512mb. It had always displayed 768mb of RAM, and I couldn't understand it, but when my computer was in the living room hooked up to the TV, I noticed that one stick of RAM wasn't fully slotted in, I slotted it in, no problems. One thing I found odd, was that BIOS was telling me that dual channel was enabled. If my memory serves me, this can only work when two similar/exact sticks of RAM are inserted, not three, where one is different to the other two?

    Either way, I took out the third stick, and I still have the problems.

    Has anyone found a way around this other than an RMA?
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