Fried Harddrive need help rescue!! PART2

By des1fool
Nov 14, 2006
  1. Hi all! I actually did take my 3.5" drive out of that 3.5" encloure I and plug it into my comp and took out one of the cd drive cables and it is a failed drive.

    It lets me listen to the music files on it but Does not let me copy any of them. I ran the error checker and it passed off as healthy and usable drive, I can view some .txt files when i click on it in the windows explorer but when I try to copy a media file it gives me a cyric redundincy check.

    And I know its failed because of the startup alert.... can anybody please tell me a software that'll copy my data off there and possibly fix it ?
    Please advise!

    BTW I took this drive out of a 3.5" enclousure, and I took the cord out of one of my two cd drives and I used that to check it out.. I never had any OS on it, and my current main harddrive is SATA.


    What I need is an HDD recovery software that'll run in XP as a program and I can just copy the files and reformat the hdd.
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