friend cant turn movie maker file into movie

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here is her post in another forum. the other forum wasnt really a computer tech-based forum, so i am not surprised that she didnt find the answer.

my friend :) said:
I've made a yr 12 formal video and edited it in movie maker and stuff. I keep trying to save it as a finished movie file so that i can burn it off and give it to m class mates, but my laptop isnt capable of saving it because the virtual memory on my laptop is too low. Is there any way to increase it so im able to save the video as a finished movie file?
here is the original one, with the solutions presented to her.

one of the solutions involved increasing the virtual access memory... could someone read it and elaborate if it is a viable solution?
They told you to adjust the page-file size, which should solve the problem really!
An 11MB file is really nothing, and should fit in a normal pagefile without any problems.
Some PCs have a small pagefile of 10MB on the C-drive and a larger one on another partition/drive. That would then coincide with her problem.
In a managed pagefile, the size is as big as needed.
You can try and set it to MIN 512MB and MAX 768MB, see how that goes.

Ask her also to try 'Save as [different file-name].....' instead of 'Save'
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