From nForce 325 to SiS 775, Performence Hit?

By Stick'o ram
Jul 27, 2007
  1. My motherboard died two weeks ago and I bought a MSI k8m800 based motherboard (VIA) because I've had good results with them. But after having lots of memory related trouble and infinite loop errors I sent back the MSI board in favor of a SiS 755 based Foxconn board. Now I've never used SiS before but I take it their the bottom of the back of chipsets. And I was just wondering if I might take a performence hit, their is almost no information at all about the performence of this chipset so I was wondering if anybody here might know.

    Incase it matters:

    Athlon64 3400+ (Venice, socket 754)
    1x stick of Patriot memory (ddr400 \ 256mb), 1x stick of Samsung memory (ddr400 / 512mb)
    ATI Radeon X850 Pro 256mb VIVO AGP
    Chaintech AV-710 Soundcard
    Western Digital Cavier SE 160gb (ata-100)
    630 Watt Powersupply (Overkill, I know:D )

  2. sellmesanity

    sellmesanity TS Rookie Posts: 162

    You'll hardly notice a difference, but yes the Nvidia chipset is faster.
  3. LXIX

    LXIX TS Rookie Posts: 108

    I thought i'd make my 100th post say penis in it

    edit: to answer this though you should just be omgwtfpwned because it wont matter in the end they are similar.
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