Frustrating Error Message every time I try to play any audio

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May 9, 2006
  1. Every time I try to play an audio file, whether it be a CD in my CDrom drive or MP3's I've ripped to my computer I get a very unhelpful error message. When usind Window Media Playe it says "The Specified Module could not be found." Web help tells me it's error #8007007E but doesn't give me any idea how to fix it. I tried another audio player (Creative Play Center) but still won't work (different type of error sometimes, other times it just doesn't do anything). The volume is not muted. Everything is plugged in. For a while the Windows sounds would go when I started and shut down windows then it stopped. Even then I still got the same errors. I checked the driver for my sound blaster and that was installed correctly. I called customer support for my sound blaster and they said it might be that my on board audio is switched on in my Bios. I went through the bios but couldn't find a setting like that. The sound blaster I have is a Creative Sound Blaster Live LS 5.1. I tried Windows Media Player 10 and 9. I'm running Windows XP. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Mr Papschmere

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    The Onboard Audio may be called "OnboardAC97" or similar.

    Depending on what BIOS it is, it ought to be in Integrated Periferals or Advanced Chipset Features.

    Hope that helps!
  3. verix

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    No onboard audio option

    My bios didn't have either of those options. What is PCI? There was onboard PCI enable/disable. Are there other terms used for audio/sound?
  4. Lekki_Sheep

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    Well I may just be utterly wrong here, but if you disable your onboard soundcard in device manager and make sure it's your sound blaster that's selected as your playback device in audio properties you may have some success.

    FYI PCI is the white expansion slot that you likely plugged your sound blaster into. If that's disabled (though why this could be I've no idea) you'd be having problems. Your new card wouldn't show up in device manager though as it wouldn't have been initialised by your bios.
    If you need to know how to get into device manager and audio options: audio options can be accessed either from control panel, or by right clicking on the volume icon on the taskbar (near the clock). To find device manager right click on my computer and select the hardware tab, you'll find the button at the top.

    Hope it helps.
  5. verix

    verix TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Onboard Audio? Would that be the same as a built in sound card? There is no audio built into the motherboard. I checked that the soundblaster was selected and couldn't find any onboard audio to disable.
  6. Lekki_Sheep

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    You're kidding. There's no audio card built into the mainboard? That's unusual. Just to make sure, please check there's no audio sockets in the back that aren't related to your sound blaster. There's usually only the standard three on onboard cards.

    Also, I've re-read your first post and just to clarify something; have you lost all sound on your machine? Do you get that awful windows jingle when you log in and the other windows noises?
  7. altheman

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    go to "sound and audio device properties" in control panel, audio tab, and change default device for sound playback to creative (or whatever the right one is)
  8. Lekki_Sheep

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    Are you still following this thread Verix? Only it's been quite a while since you posted anything.
  9. verix

    verix TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, there's no built in audio card, no audio sockets on the back other than those for the sound blaster.

    Right now I have lost all sound on my machine, for awhile it did play the windows jingles when it came on or off but now it won't play any sounds. (I thought that might mean my speakers broke so I tried some others which I knew worked but still nothing). I don't know why that stoped working as well. Both before and after the the time the windows jingle stopped working, I still got the same error message "The specified module could not be found."

    In response to altheman, I just checked the defalt device for sound and "SB Live! Audio [D000]" (the audio card I put in) is the only option.
  10. Lekki_Sheep

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    I just googled your error message and I got this URL as well as others. I suggest checking to see if there's any relation.

    To get to the registry use the Run option form Start menu:
    That's type regedit in the run box.
    This brings up the registry editor. I cannot stress this enough, do not alter any of the contents unless absolutely sure you're doing what the fix suggests. This is the insides, the vitals of your Operating System and damaging this could mean you have to install a new copy of windows and start again from the beginning. When in doubt, post details, and/or even better a screen grab of what you have.

    To take a screen grab press Alt+PrtSc, open paint and Edit->Paste. That's a picture of what was on your desktop when you hit Alt+PrtSc. I'll have a look at the other solutions on Google and see if there's one that looks more relevant to a SBlaster issue.
  11. Lekki_Sheep

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    lol, this thread is one of the search results.

    Could you give me the whole of your error message and Sound Blaster's full model name please. Also I'd like to know what Operating System you're using.

    Hang on, it's a 5.1 Audigy card right? Open the creative speaker settings and uncheck the box marked 'Digital Output Only'. You can reach the creative speaker settings from:
    Start->Program Files/Programs->Creative
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