FSX died

By crarthur
May 1, 2008
  1. I was bombing around CYYC in an F-18 - FSX was working great - doing touch and goes. I dragged my tail on landing, crashed and after the session re-loaded, escaped out and went directly to records - system froze and I have not been able to re-start.

    I had Acceleration, FSD's Panther, Mega Scenery's Oahu and Dillingham fields installed. I also have a complete Saitek X52 PRO controll setup including rudder peddles. Also have 2 monitors.

    I have tried complete uninstalls and re-installs. After registration FSX starts and freezes on the splash screen. Computer itself is working fine. Have done a disk clean up, defrag and disk error check prior to re-install - same problem. I have also tried completely removing directories but have stayed out of the registry to this point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. crarthur

    crarthur TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Actually, the system did not freeze, but FSX Froze and I have not been able to get it going again

    Regards, Robert Arthur
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