FTC says no to Windows Messenger spam

By Phantasm66
Aug 10, 2004
  1. The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against spammers who utilise the Windows Messenger Service to send their annoying dross all over the Internet. Let's all hear a big cheer.

    Citing possible abuses of consumer protection laws, the FTC have targetted San Diego-based D Squared, a company who regularly uses Windows Messenger Service to send spam. The company is to cease spamming immediately, and is to be monitored closely for the next 5 years. They are also banned from using Instant Messenger to spread spam as well.

    What I would like to see is basically a ban on spam completely. IMHO, spam is ruining the internet, and if not stopped it will prevent e-mail, instant messaging and lots of other useful technologies from being used because people will be afraid to use them for fear of getting spam.
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