FTC sues to block Nvidia's takeover of Arm


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Let's rather have a new owner that doesn't already have incentive to.
Which begs the question of why anyone would that doesn't already have incentive to. I don't know about you. But I would need lots of incentive in order to part with that kind of cash.


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I am in enterprise and I generally think that most companies are fine. However if you think for one second that Nvidia wants to buy ARM "just because" then you've got a very narrow view of what large tech companies are doing atm.

I don't think that tech companies or large companies out there are evil and want to amass armies of terminators etc. etc. however they are out there looking to create advantage for themselves and disadvantages for their competitors. If you let a company buy ARM who has a pony in that race who says they won't do anything to disadvantage others, then I think that's naïve to take them at face value. The second they get the opportunity to do something to mess the competition over they will, it'd honestly bad business not to.

So for the sake of a level market, ARM needs to be spun off, they need to remain with SoftBank or they need to go to another neutral owner.
Hmm, I would rather see ARM in the hands of Nvidia than most of the other interested parties. They are smaller, less able to impose their will and they have also promised to honour the licences with legal agreements.

It’s cool to be seen to hate Nvidia but it’s not rational to hate them over most other companies.