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Jan 3, 2006
  1. I'm using filezilla and i need to know how to enable write access on my uploaded files (it would be flippin' useful for my Phpbb2 forum) i just can't figure it out. Thanks guys.

    (eg. installing a mod which requires files to be updated/changed without having to manually upload the files)
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    Right click the uploaded file, choose "Attributes...". The FTP server has to support changing file permissions though.
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    Cheers guys. one other question, when installing Phpbb2 the installer gives you the option of automatic ftp and asks you to supply the ftp address relative to the phpbb folder. does this mean the ftp.whatever... address or the html address
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    try the default numbers first without the ftp or http
    followed by where the files will be /upload or dwnload
    if using a shared ip you may have a longer url
    passive mode works best auto file type also
    that what it will switch between ascii and binary
    as nodsu stated check with your controll panel shell to see how to enable permissions some use chmod some just have check for read exacute write chmod 477 or 455
    plus other numbers set security levels
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    the raw FTP command:
    man ftp discloses the command line interface, which typically is well supported
    by all FTP clients (even windows).
    chmod mode file-name
    Change the permission modes of the file file-name on the
    remote sytem to mode.

    fyi: 'mode' is a tripple set of codes (binary or ascii chars)
    ......111 is binary for #7 which implies
    ..........x execute
    ........w write
    ......r read

    and the tripplet is for Owner, Group, Others, so
    ...... 777 would be rwx for all three
    ...... 744 would be rwx for the owner, r/o everyone else
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