Fujistu Hard Drive Model: MPG3307AT

By ologbon
Aug 26, 2004
  1. I have a similar problem to this. I have a BIOS date 1999 and I have a P4 1.7GHz which I think should recognise any hard drive being a P4. And it has detected this hard drive, Fujistu Hard Drive Model: MPG3307AT 30GB, before. I have used it for just one day after I got it. The next time I logged on to the system, the BIOS did not detect the hard drive. I tried all I could.

    The BIOS is also not allowing me to set the parameters manually. The jumpers and power cords are alright.

    I tried using the hard drive on another system in my company which uses a Fujitsu hard drive but with lesser capacity but still that system did not detect it.

    What can I do? The hard disk contain info that are very vital. I would have done a back-up but this problem surfaced just the next morning after I got the hard drive with all the info in it and that was even the second reboot.

    Your answer will be greatly appreciated. You may post a reply here or meet me on gistafree@yahoo.co.uk.

  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Fujitsu drives are pretty well known for using controller cards and power connectors that wear out with time and use.

    First question, can you hear the drive power up (spin up) when power is applied?

    Is this the only drive in the system?

    Is this the only device on the IDE chain?

  3. ulfa

    ulfa TS Rookie

    hi there,
    i have the same model hard drive which just suddenly oneday concked out last year but as i was desperate for a pc to use (was two weeks away from a dissertation deadline) and i couldnt find someone to fix the drive i took this out and bought a new drive...i had the problem ie just suddenly wasnt recognised anymore..
    is there anyway i can recover the data or try and reinstall thre drive??
    p.s im not a techie though, i am very good at figuring things out etc, so you may have to may have to explain quite basically
    many thanks
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