FYI: Internet Backbone Maps

By jobeard
Aug 29, 2008
  1. Ever wonder what the wiring of the Internet looks like? The major node-to-node connections
    are the backbone of the Internet. From any backbone node, major players connect one to another
    (eg Universities and ISPs) and we (the home users) get service from there.

    Here;s a site that maps the Internet with the ability to select by geography
    (US, Europe, Asia, ALL) and then by network owner (AT&T, Quest, Ten, ESnet) and many more.

    Point of interest is the link from the US to Europe is only the latter two.

    From my perspective (ie: Los Angeles, CA), the path to TS (in Dallas, TX) is
    AT&T World Net

    select viewing options at the top of the page, then
    select one or more Network Providers in the lower left.

    Mouse over a node and the site location and details are shown in the lover right.​
    Java (it loads a Java Applet into the browser)​
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