G51JX microphone problem

By awbrab
May 30, 2010
  1. I got a few problems with my new laptop, Asus G51JX especially with the built-in microphone:

    1) The realtek software to configure the volume of the microphone is not working correctly. Whenever I lowered down the volume of the microphone, the volume will go back to 100% after a while.

    2) The microphone is not working correctly. Whenever I tried to video call using various IM application like Skype or QQ, everyone complains that the background noise is very loud and my voice is very soft to a point that it seem my voice is not picked up by the microphone. I have tried various setting from the realtek software on the volume, mic boosting and the noise supression function but none of them work. I even tried Skype's test call to record my voice and playback. When playing back I really can't hear my own voice. The only time I could hear my voice is when my mouth is almost touching the microphone. May I know could it be a software issue, and if it is a software issue, which driver should I update? The sound card or the webcam driver as I do not know the microphone is tag along with the webcam or a standalone one.

    3) There is a little hole on the top of the laptop lid which is behind the camera, may I know what is the function of the hole?

    4) There is a second hole beside the microphone hole, is it link to the microphone as well?

    Does anyone experience the same microphone problem as me?
  2. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 930   +33

    i experience the same problem with my realtek-based laptop's microphone. turns out, after a driver update, it is solved. yes, you can try go to asus website and download preferably few versions of drivers to try.

    P.S. completely uninstall the current one and restart before attempting to install another driver.
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