GA-7N400pro2 won't all

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Sep 7, 2005
  1. Here is the system - GA-7N400pro2 Rev 2.0 MB, 2x512 PC3200 ram, XP3000 processor. 480Watt Antec true power, Tower case, many fans.

    Problem is, it won't boot any more. When I try to start it up all of the fans except the CPU fan turn on. After a few seconds it all shuts down. The CPU fan works fine when connected elsewhere. The CPU is not hot. The system is not overclocked. The system did not overheat (Bios monitor as well as external monitoring).

    I have tried two different power supplies. I started checking the voltages with a meter, so far they look ok. I pulled the board from the case, stripped it down to nothing, also tried it with CPU - 1 RAM - and Video with the same result. watching with the meter hooked up, the 12 volt connector for the CPU fan never comes on. Last thing I tried was to use and adapter cable (came with my case I beleive) to power the fan, but also connects the fan speed cable back to the MB. Same result.

    Help please
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

    It sounds like you have some extra stuff laying around
    and already tried a bare setup..multiple psu's, good trouble shooting.

    Starting to look like either the MoBo or cpu.
    Most likely the MoBo.
    Any chance you can try the cpu on another MoBo?
    Just to isolate it as problem.
    Even other devices too...

    I would also take a closer look at the power cable (atx).
    Some MoBo will not post if problem with cpu fan, I think on some it has to
    be plugged into the cpu fan plug on the MoBo. No way around that if it's true.
  3. awsmdad

    awsmdad TS Rookie Topic Starter

    MB dead.....CPU too?!?!?!?

    Just got a new Abit MB. CPU fan spins, still shutsdown after 2 seconds.

    Pretty confident original Giga-byte board is dead (CPU fan connector doesn't power up at all). I guess the CPU is dead also.......... unless there is another reason the machine would shut down after 2 seconds with 2 different power supplies.

    Should a computer POST without any RAM installed?
  4. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    No, ram is required, just to get to bios/cmos.
    A bare setup consists of
    Video card, Cpu, MoBo, Ram and Psu.
    they don't even need to be in the case, (frankinstien setup)

    Good grab on the abit.
    Man I hope whatever took out the Ga Mobo,
    did'nt get your cpu too!
    Check how the stand outs are, make sure they aren't shorting out
    on the case..
  5. Bas van Berkel

    Bas van Berkel TS Rookie

    Try This

    Do you have the latest bios firmware?

    Did you try:
    1. Other memory modules
    2. Try to run your mobo without your external usb devices.
    3. Try another videocard.

    Don't you get any P.O.S.T Messages?

    I Also think something is fried, because it won't boot at all.
    Almost 2 weeks ago i had a simular problem with the exact same mobo and i fixed it. Seems there was a mailfunction in the usb device from the pc case who was connected to my mobo.
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