Game freeze

By grayg1
Mar 28, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Games freeze for a few seconds on my newly upgraded PC and more often than not they will freeze and my computer will stay frozen and it won't recover. I just get like a screenshot plus garbled sound.

    There are lots of things I have tried to solve this plus extra info:

    Ran RAM sticks on their own
    Both RAM sticks together passed memtest 9 times in a row
    Used 2 different motherboards
    Used different graphics cards
    Used an IDE and SATA HDs on their own as main installation
    Uninstalled, physically disconnected and disabled via device manager my DVD/CD drives
    Ran without case fans (to lower power load)
    Used a different PSU Tagan 420watt brand new
    Setup my PC with my SATA HD running in IDE mode and also tried with AHCI mode.
    Disabled all downclocking/voltage reduction settings in BIOS.
    BIOS reads all voltages as "OK" (Gigabyte board)
    CPU no fails prime95 for 3hours 25 minutes using in place large FFTs (running on both cores at same time 100% cpu load)
    CPU no fails prime95 for 1 hour 20 minutes using in place small FFTs (running on both cores at same time 100% cpu load)
    Tried bumping RAM voltage from 1.8v to 1.9v
    Uninstalled + BIOS disabled onboard sound
    Reninstalled Windows XP quite a few times
    Tried a different Windows XP disc (orginal was scratched)
    Ran SeaTools and HD passes all tests (except NTFS partition because it doesn't support that)
    Have tried fresh Windows install not having any anti virus software installed
    Tried different drivers
    Disabled write combining

    Couple of notes is that I have had it BSOD with the 0x000000EA (THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER). The C&C 3 demo interestingly when it does the freeze, it doesn't always lock up the whole system, it crashes to the desktop and gives me the error message "Direct3d device reset failed after multiple attempts". DirectX is upto date

    All on Windows XP Pro.

    I haven't been able to swap my CPU with a different one, although I would like too.

    I did post this in the audio and video section but I have decided to repost here because I have a feeling some of you debuggers don't go in there.

    I will give you the minidump file but I only have 1 at the moment because of all the reinstalling, so not sure how much good it will be.
  2. littlejon

    littlejon TS Rookie

    Hi, Did you find out what the freeze problem was about? I've just started having it myself. Not only in Games but with Windows xp home it's self. My clock stops too. Thought it was heat but now think it is in ops. Just restored my registry from a time before problem started and so far no hangs!
    was doing research and saw your post and thought I'd ask. I'm not sure it wont happen again, so maybe you know how to fix this issue I'm having?

  3. grayg1

    grayg1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Turned out both my RAM sticks was faulty just they could pass normal memtest and torture prime95 test for as long as I could be bothered to let it continue going.
    Try using test 5 on memtest.
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