game servers: My review and comments

By Wotrop
Feb 11, 2006
  1. Oke yall. I have done a little bookwork and haven't answered all of my questions but still have some to share with you. I rate them from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.

    Oke 1st of all there is alot of scammers with fake hosting companies. I wont mention any but I will tell you to contact the company before you buy. This shows if they are active. Also look for other servers they host.

    Killer Pings is one of the cheepest companies and I do get a good ping. :grinthumb But if you are a newb to setting up a server and stuff then this is not the place for you because the service is terrible. And to have them set stuff up for you costs doe. But they also support higher tik rates in cs :giddy: . I* give them a 6/10 through my experiences. is a great hosting company. The pings are luke warm and the staff is great. You just tell them what you want and they will do it for you free of charge. :stickout: The pricepoint is almost the same as Killer Pings and the control panel is ok. I give them a 9/10.

    Griffin run is one of those expensive hosts that u gada think is soooo good because they are soooo expensive. I have a dude who works for griffin run and i had the opertunity to check out his server. I had a luke warm ping and had no spikes of lag. But its so flipin costly. Is it worth it? Prolly not. I give them a 5/10 because noone can afford a server from them.

    Fragism is one of those older ones. they claim to be experienced and bla bla bla bla bla. But If the price dont kill you the performance will. Back about 3 months ago I had the chance to help set some peeps up and enemy territory server. And If you havent seen lag before dam u would see it there. Hardly playable conditions. As i said this is my opinion so dont pick on me but this gets a 5/10 because of horrible lag due to overloading.

    ok we out of the dark ages AOWC is once of the better ones, I was hosted by them for 2 months and heres why: You will not find better staff anywhere in the world when it comes to gameservers. The pings are great but there prices are a little bit higher then so i give them an 8/10.

    escaped turkey is one of the cheepest ligit companys I have ever seen. But they overload their servers. But when It comes down to it I havent seen to many servers with 4 gigs of ram ether so theres my flow. But as I hear from there customers they dont help you set up the server or anything. I recomend them to anyone who has experience in running game servers. 7/10 is what they deserve from me.

    Nuke fallout is a great company with yet again great staff. They are much like AOWC only they cost a lil bit more because they try to soak money out of you. They get a 7/10 because they are minty fresh.

    Thats my review on some of them. And no i diddnt inclide Jolt stuff because I have no experience with them. Or any other euro hosts.

    If I left any out pleeeeeese post a response and tell me what you think of them. I am currently looking for a host that is dirt cheep but only has a 10 meg a second link or higher for a 10-12-14-16 man. Just wana experiment. :hotouch:
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