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Feb 21, 2006
  1. I just started getting this error on my gamecube: "An error has occurred. Turn the power off and check the instruction booklet for further instruction." In the instruction booklet it says the Gamecube may have an internal problem and to contact Nintendo. It happens at random times, but its usually about 5-10 min. into what ever game I'm playing. Nintendo's website says its like $50 plus shipping to have it repaired. I found trouble-shooting for just about every error there is on the Gamecube except this one. Does anyone know what the problem is and can I fix it myself cheaper? It's not really worth fixing for that much money, I might as well buy a new one, and thats not going to happen.
  2. meNOname

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    i had this error
    but i only got it while playing Final fantasy chrystal chronicles.....i fixed this "problem" by doing a different mission it would always jam on a certain lvl...all the time...everytime same spot....

    so if you playign that thats the problem.....if not...sry
  3. preetyforu

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    after I upgrade psp to 3.40oe-c,3.52m33,3.52mss-4, I got the message "an internal error has occurred", turn to the blue screen in multiple language, click "O" then I was asked to setup name, time zone and date etc. Map this can be start and sats can be fixed in 2 min. The problem is that map this is easy to be crashed, after waking up the psp. I have tried different version PRXs. I really dont know what the problem is.
  4. mopar man

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    You really should start your own thread, instead of bumping a 2 year old Gamecube topic. More people would help you, most likely. Also, I don't know what you were even saying...
  5. Sunny87

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    It's the laser pot I used to mod the GC's thats your problem there are loads of guides on the net for fixing the issue.
  6. dalilawho

    dalilawho TS Rookie

    Im having same issue it says no disc

    $50 is alot to pay. doesnt any1 know how 2 fix this?

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