gamecube help: not reading disc

By rocksta
Nov 4, 2005
  1. any help will be greatly appreciated. when I start my gamecube, it seems to start up fine, but then the disc stops spinning and it comes up to insert a nintendo gamecube disc. i've tried using every one of my discs and it does the same thing. funny thing is, after restarting it for awhile, it'll start working just fine and i'll go on with my game play. sometimes it'll come up that the disc cant' be read, but that's only maybe a few times when it finally starts working. then next time I come back to play later, i have to go through this all over again, half the time i give up and don't play at all. please help, is there anything i can do or will i have to take it in for repair, thanks in advance
  2. cindyolson

    cindyolson TS Rookie

    My daughters game cube would get the disk read error only after the game warmed up a bit. I started some researching, and found e-bay sells a bunch of game disk read error fixes. It's only about 3 dollars and they send you the instructions via e mail. Says it fixes about 98% of problems. Feedback was great. I just ordered mine so I don't know first hand yet. I will post more when I try mine.
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