Gaming Error

By Isalady
Oct 21, 2007
  1. Hello, First timer - I was after some help with a gaming error message I keep getting but couldn't seem to post in the gaming area. I'm playing Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. All is great but after I reach a certain point the game crashes with the error message "No memory to load file dat\landr2r.shh". It's when I'm entering the battle view where I am being attacked by a huge number of humans (yep, I'm playing as a Martian). I believe I have heaps of memory, have a duo core sony Viaio laptop and don't really know what else I should add. If anyone loves the game or can figure what I can do so I can keep playing would be hugely appreciated. I'm quite hooked on the game. Well, thanks in advance for help. I'll be back :)
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