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Aug 23, 2003
  1. The time has come for me to update my gaming devices. I'm looking for a good:

    - Mouse
    - Mousepad
    - Keyboard
    - Headset

    None of these are to be wireless.

    My old junk isn't very responsive and isn't fast all the time in games. I use the logitech cordless duo (not the new mx one).

    I need super fast responsive stuff.

    I was thinking about the Mystify Boomslang 2100 but I can't find that anywhere to purchase in the US or even the earlier version 2000.

    All suggestions welcome.
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    You won't find the earlier 2000 model as the company that made it went out of business. It is now being produced by Terrac (for whose hardware Techspot has done some reviews of previously. At one point Techspot was going to get one of these mice for review but for some reason or other it never happened. As far as I am aware it launched a while back in Europe but I am unsure if it is available in the states yet. I have only seen it for sale in Europe on one of the online stores that I shop at. So I'm not sure what how extensive its distribution is so far.

    As far as wireless stuff goes, I've never had a problem with my Wireless logitech keyboard and MX700 mouse. With that said the previous wireless optical was a bit slow, but the MX700 with the fastRF is as responsive as my corded Logitech optical wheelmouse.... even more so :D

    And for a microphone I ended up getting a Labtec Collar Microphone which has NCAT2 (Noise Cancelling and Amplification Technology Version 2) and Microphone Frequency of 100-16,000 Hz. This was best for me as I already had a decent set of headphones and most "headsets" had poorer frequency response to the headphones I have.
  4. Arris

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    Pssst.... Could be a TechSpot review of the BoomSlang 2100 mouse in the works soon ;)
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    I was looking at the MX500 for a long time. I may consider it. It's actually quite comfortable rather than the one paired with the Logitech Wireless Duo.

    As the mousepads... I heard the slickness totally sucks after a few months... but I may have to make that sacrifice.
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