Gateway 21 inch LCD Auto Resolution/Adjust Problem

By Adon
Jan 24, 2006
  1. Just got a brand new Gateway LCD GATEWAY and it was fine for the first 2 days until I played a 3D game, then it asked me would I like to Enable the Resolution reminder and I chose yes, and now I am UNABLE to disable it...because when I go to the Resolution Reminder menu on my screen the SELECT button isnt there, so I cant select disable, the checkmark constantly stays on is a screenshot from the gateway website RESOLUTION REMINDER there you can see that the SELECT button which should be between BACK and UP clearly isnt there, so its not as if my screen is faulty, cuz this is a screenshot directly from their website which must mean all these LCDs come like this. so now any resolution I choose gets AUTO PROCESSED to fullscreen mode, meaning it gets stretched and heightened to fit my whole screen, even if I choose the lowest setting available 800x600 it stretches all across my whole screen.. which as u can imagine looks very very VERY ugly!!! One thing I would like to point out that might be an issue is that I am using Analog plugs, I had to use a converter from my XFX 6600GT cuz the card only has two DVI outputs, so I used to provided converter to switch it to analog and plug it into my screen, cuz I read sumwhere that depending on what plugs u have going from your vid card to your screen the resolutions are different..
    any help?? cuz I sure couldnt get any from the numerous Gateway support agents I spoke too..
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