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Gateway adds new 15.6, 17.3-inch NV-series laptops

By Matthew
May 12, 2010
  1. Gateway has overhauled its NV laptop line, recruiting several new 15.6 (NV5) and 17.3-inch (NV7) models to the ranks. Most of the latest notebooks will roll out to retailers in the coming weeks, but at least one is available today: the NV59C09u.

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  2. The NV59C09u is being marketed as a multimedia powerhouse? Aside the blue-ray drive, this is a budget computer with a slow processor, crappy resolution, embedded graphics, and a slow hard drive that is on the small side.

    $800, REALLY??? I saw better equipped laptops with faster processors for about $500 last week, no blue-ray, but given the screen size and resolution, there is absolutely no need for it...
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