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Gateway FX 6831-03 Gaming Desktop PC Review

By Julio Franco · 32 replies
Apr 9, 2010
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  1. mrbig1225

    mrbig1225 TS Rookie

    I get the review…but like many I’m done with buying computers from the “big manufactures” They use cheap parts and limit your customizations…you can build it yourself but like some say you may not have the time or you simply don’t want to spend nights in forums trying to figure out what caused that BSOD this is where the boutique pc companies come into play…All the good ones I know are Main gear, ACS Gaming computers, Digital storm just to name a few…I would never buy from any of the big guns…not worth it IMO
  2. Ive seen the shift from maingear...prolly my favorite design from then in a while...but then again im kinda liking the Colossus from the ACS guys...competition is good!!!
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,426   +112

    Guest the market has cause the prices to go up, but here the deals can be had on dealnews.com good place to start or word of mouth. I use to hit the Computer Fairs, but those vendors are cutting deals with DOA parts. I not using them again for building. Still you can use Amazon.uk, but your have two different VAT taxes over there right? I've been to UK several times where the pound was greater than the USD. But you pay more than us.

    ACER makes Gateway systems, Along with the Q4-64-bit Gateway I've also purchased 2 laptops and 1 netbook under both names. No issues with them. Only 2nd netbook is made by ASUS. If I see a deal I'll buy it! If I need it though?
  4. I had purchased a Gateway FX 6831-03 and it worked well for one day. Then I would get cursor artifacts, green lines and freeze ups. I believe ATI has many problems with their 58xx series video cards. I tried a bunch of things but ended up returning the computer. I wish the computer had worked out. I don't think it's Gateway's fault really.


  5. sommop

    sommop TS Rookie

    Really Gateway? 16GB of RAM and then an HD 5850? That system needs an HD 5870.
  6. Uvindu

    Uvindu TS Booster Posts: 120

    I really like that case. If I had te money and was in a place where they sold this, I would certainly buy this. I don't care what you guys say about making your own. I bet none of you could build a PC with a case like this.
  7. Had my Gateway system for 6mths... awesome gaming rig! Proof is in the pudding... I use it all the time from Modern Warfare 2 to Dragon Age 2... to Star Craft 2... it is a great system that has worked amazing well. The extra RAM does help out in performance along with the fact that it is a 64Bit system. Taken it from a person that actually owns this system... it is a great buy! For the poster that says building is better... you are right, but time is money also! I have been working in the IT field for over 15yrs... I have built my own systems, etc... but why do that when I can get this for a fraction and it works great? ;-)
  8. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 319

    Some of the parts are questionable, yes, but overall it's a nice build for the price. The case looks very roomy, although I would have preferred a bottom-mounted PSU for it. Just a pet peeve of mine.

    Still, this will end up a lot cheaper for a lot of folks than building their own, since these systems typically come bundled with peripherals and software that you would otherwise have to purchase.

    In the end - prebuilt systems are a good option for a lot of people, and it's not right for anyone to try to tell them otherwise. You can argue until you lose your voice about how it's better to build your own blah blah blah, but some folks really just want a working computer so they can get right to what they want to use the computer FOR. Sometimes it really isn't about the journey.

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