Gateway gt5056 freezes up

By eyemfedup2
Aug 8, 2010
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  1. i have recently aquired a gateway gt 5056

    it has a foxconn C51GUO1 motherbord soket 939 and an amd athlon 3800+ cpu

    it uses the large fan with the green air duct (for lack of the correct name) for cooling
    no fan directly on the cpu heatsink

    hears the thing: more than a one part question

    first, it freezes up after maybe 15 minuites

    it has 3 512k sticks of ram Kingston ddr 400mhz

    get this

    if i only use 3 sticks in post it says 2t single channel memory 333mhz ???

    if i add the 4Th and last stick it says 2t dual channel memory 333mhz ???

    it will go through the post but hangs up there

    all sticks are the same

    have tried rotating them in different slots and they work fine in other computers

    I've swapped out power supplies, hdd's,cables the works

    it takes forever to install xp or win 7

    win 7 has always installed pretty quickly on my other machines

    sometimes i will have to restart loading the OS a couple of times before it will run long enough time to finish the install

    even freezes up on updates before they can finish

    all the fans are working and even put a 10mm fan directly on the heat sink

    in my limited experience the only time I've had this problem is when the CPU is getting hot
    but mine is simply a very little warm, case is sealed well

    i thought maybe it was because of some chipset conflict to win7 but xp is even worse because it takes longer to install the OS

    I'm using onboard video to avoid any conflict there

    whats up with that i don't even begin to get this.

    can you guys help me with this ?

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