By Klytus
Jun 4, 2007
  1. I have a client who cannot connect to a wireless network because every time he does, it tries to route him to "home.feather.com" via gconnect. Now I did some research - he is trying to connect in the Corpus Christi airport, and this article (http://www.ccwifinews.com/blog/?p=112) indicates that EarthLink *is* running things in that location. It makes no sense, however, that he always gets the "Page Cannot be Displayed" error message when he tries to get to ANY website. I had him remove ALL other wireless networks from his wireless settings and purge his cache and history in IE - but this problem persists. Am I missing something? Or is this a network issue specific to that WiFi LAN?
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    It looks like a legit site to me. It appears that he needs an account with earthlink in order to log in and access the internet, if not he does not have the access rights.

    Your friendly momok =)

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    Thanks, momok.

    When I spoke to my client again, he was having trouble connecting even on an ethernet LAN. Looks like he has hardware problems.
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    Hm, I wouldn't be sure of the issue causing those problems now. Perhaps you could provide more details of the situation, and possibly the specs of his system if you suspect it is hardware related. It looks to be out of the scope of my knowledge though.

    Your friendly momok =)
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