Geforce 4 4600 2D Image Quality

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Apr 30, 2002
  1. Which brand of geforce 4 4600 has the best 2d image quality?
  2. Julio Franco

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    It's hard to tell which one has the best visual quality however like one of NVIDIA's engineers said on a recent interview (posted on the frontpage news) Gainward cards have got their complete approval.

    I'm also using Visiontek's Ti cards and they look good to me, better than previous cards for sure but still not Matrox rocking 2D, my guess it's that Visiontek is also using high quality components because they similar cards to reference boards, so, there you go...
  3. Didou

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    Visiontek is the one manufacturing nVIDIA reference cards so I guess they're the ones that stick the most to the reference designs ( with recommended capacitors & filters, etc ... ) but as Julio says Gainward seems to come out of the lot.
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