GeForce 4 Ti 4200 Driver problems.

By MikeY · 6 replies
Nov 10, 2003
  1. Im having weird problems with my graphics card drivers. I'll explain how it began.

    I was playing a game (Frag-Ops) as i do, got called for dinner, ate dinner, came back up, turned on my pc, logged on, then when it had logged on, it looked like it was doing something for about 1 minute then the screen went black and came back again in a lowwww resolution, with an error, it said a device had failed.

    so, i reported the error to microsoft, it said it was a driver problem for my geforce 4 ti 4200, so i got the latest drivers, uninstalled my current drivers, installed the latest ones, restarted, then in logged in did the same thing basicaly but instead of the error it was kinda froze for about 2-3 minutes (i could move the mouse but not click things) then restarted, it did this serveral times on reboot. So i rebooted to safemode, logged in on the local machine as administrator, it didnt happen. Anyway, i didnt have much time that night so i left it, came to it this morning logged in to the server on my user like i usually do, it didnt happen this time, but lots of messeges and stuff came up saying a new device recognised, and stuff.

    Well before when i installed the new drivers it came up with a messege saying i should close anti virus, and load the install again, but i closed the AV and didnt load it again, just clicked yes and went futher on. We went to install the drivers again, but it showed that there wernt any drivers installed, nor did it show my graphics card in the device manager. I ran the driver install anyway, no change, it just didnt do anything. But since i had loaded it that morning the desktop resolution has been normal and everything, but i cant run games, i tried running frag-ops but it said i need Direct Acceleration enabled or something.

    I dont know why its doing this but i do know this: I had clicked a link in mIRC before i went to the dinner, the previous day (before the problem) and it was that stupid "You are an *****, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" if u know what i mean, and when u close the window it loads thousands more, anyway as soon as i clicked it my AV saw it and warned me, but it was allready open, so, anyway then someone on IRC said it was a trojan and not to click on it! I'm quite sure this is something to do with it. I really want it working again seeing as i have a clan to run. And i dont want to reformat!!! :(

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ---agissi---

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    I would say this:

    It sounds more of an issue of your Videocard then a trojan to me.. sounds as if your card is dead - Thats what I would think anyways if its not even showing up under Device Manager


    If your videocard had died, your PC would hang during the POST (Power On Self Test).

    So your videocard isnt broken. If I were you, I would download the 44.03 Detonator drivers that were released (for) the Ti4x00s when they came out. The latest Detonator drivers are aimed more for the newer GeforceFX cards. If you cant find the 44.03s anywhere PM me and I can hook you up :)
  3. wicka_wicka

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    I have had lot's of problems with the newest drivers, but I don't think that's your problems. On the other hand, though, I doubt there is a virus out there that was written to prevent your video card from working correctly; it just seems unlikely to me. So try with the new drivers and see what happens.
  4. Thr0ttl3

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    The no device in your device manager is because the uninstall has removed the VGA Driver part.

    If you still need a fix let me know.

    I have created a registry fix which will sort it but only the no-device problem which is what I had.
  5. .asinine*

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    hey guys.

    I am having problems with my computer when i am playing games like counter-strike. When i am playing it goes well for like 5 mins then it flickers and then it turns black and freezes. i was wondering if anyone can give me some tips to fix this.

  6. Thr0ttl3

    Thr0ttl3 TS Rookie

    .asinine* that sounds like its overheating. Open the case and make sure the card fan is running or there is not excessive dust on everything.

    Failing that make sure you have the latest drivers for the Ti. I have gone to ATI now so my Ti4200 is in a backup machine. A nice 9800pro for £120 :)
  7. Tarkus

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    .asinine*, the answer is no, start your own thread, and fill in your system specs. JFC, what do you think we are mind readers?
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