GeForce 4 ti 4200 problems

By JaeSun
Dec 2, 2003
  1. I need some help here,
    I am having issues with my graphics locking up on EA sports games like NHL 2004 and Madden 2004, everytime I start playing either of them I start having constant freezing every 30 seconds or so, I tried reformatting to no avail. So I think it is most likely a hardware problem. I have no issues with any other games and have used those 2 before with no issue at all for months since the releases. I have tried to use diferent drivers as well with no result. The problem seems to be isolated to just EA sprorts games. I am at a total loss here. I locks mostly when it is in a position where you are seeing detailed characters. when the cammera angles are farther away its fine. Like I said I have used both of these games for months at a time on this box and they worked great with very high settings. I also think its not my Prossesor because even though the graphics lock the music continues to play with absolutly no choppyness at all, It just locks the graphics. Someone please help!!!! I am dieing without Hockey in my life.

    Asus A7N8X DELUXE
    Athalon xp 2000
    GeForce 4 ti 4200 64 Meg.
    512 Corsair XMS 3200 in Dual Channel
    Soundstorm Audio W/ 5.1 channel Destiny Speakers
    100 GB WD ata 133
    Lots of bells and whistles,
    Gennerally does the tricks.
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