GeForce 6800 whistling

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Hi, I have a Leadtek GeForce 6800 128MB and for some reason it starts to whistle, I opened the case to see where the sound was coming from and its from this thing on the video card so I tried moving the card a bit and it went away but it comes back and I have to open the case again to get rid of it. I took the card out of the AGP port and put it back in thought it wasnt alligned properly but it still comes back.

Anyone know what could be the problem?



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Could be that the fan housing has a small space that opens/shifts to create the whistle, when the card warms to operating speed.
I guess you have two choises.
That card is relatively new, replace if it is under warrantee.Failing that.
You could (very carefully) alter the housing around the fan .The obvious danger is changing the cooling properties of the card's chip. You would have to be very experienced to attempt this.Think about it!
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