GeForce GTX 1060 Revisit: A Good Buy in 2021?


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My 3080ti ftw3 ultra from evga came brand new in box last week as did the 3070ti for my girls dad and now the 3080ti xc3 that my friend had me let him have off my notify's today will likley be brand new when it arrives tomorrow as well.

And that xc3 3080ti just went up on the notify system this morning.

It hasn't been hard to get a card from the get go if you were willing to put in some effort.

Day 1 3080 and day 1 3090 plus several more of the course of about 6 weeks back then for a total of 9 friends / family members with cards all without paying scalpers or turning to some expensive bot service.

These 3 recent cards are again coming within days of release because I was willing to get up at the crack if dawn and fight for a couple minutes to get a web notify page to load.

Not all my cards came from evga notify either. There for shuffle everyday and ventured out to sites like Adorama in the early days when everyone else was hitting Amazon or newegg.

Not bragging just trying to point out that if you were patient and did your due diligence it's been possible to gets cards without turning to the dark side.
Why? Because all of those mining farms in China, and other places, wants to recoup their investment on the GPUs. If they sell them in bulk to some shady outfit, that outfit will clean them up and put them in brand new boxes and sell them for more than they were originally bought for. So, you'll end up with a worn out card while paying 2-3 times what it's worth.


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I feel the results look consistent in a sense where a game runs on Vulkan or DX12, AMD's Polaris does better. Not sure if that is due to ASync? I recall that gave AMD cards a fairly big advantage over Pascal cards. Where the game runs on DX11, the GTX 1060 tend to fair better.

Jon Tseng

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Also interesting considering that the 1060 perf is also ~GTX 970 (okay slightly ahead but same ballpark). Obv will be issues given the lower memory on the older part, but striking that this implies the good old 970 ($329 launch price back in 2014!!) is still competitive for 1080p gaming today.

Also NB if the 1060 is $300 today that implies virtually zero improvement in price-performance over the past seven years. Take that Gordon Moore!!


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I bought mine back in October 2020 when I realized I had no good options to replace my 1080Ti that I had recently sold in anticipation of getting a 3080. I scored it for $150 including shipping. Boy, that really seems like a bargain, now! I just checked ebay and recently sold units are averaging $300-$450.

I've been avoiding playing (or buying) AAA games and digging into the less demanding unplayed games in my library - 200 games plus. That being said, I'm actually quite impressed with this Gigabyte 1060 6GB OC card! I'm pushing a 3440x1440, 120Hz monitor and this little card has been delivering 100-120 FPS at medium to high settings! Sure, I barely cracked 40 FPS at medium settings in the RE8 demo, but I'm currently playing HALO MC Collection and it does a great job. Temps are hovering between 65-70C.

Not bad!
People saying you should have this, or you should have that. Quite frankly, I have to applaud techspot for staying relevant. Relevant normally means target the average user, and you are. I'm glad you also think its ridiculous to spend so much on a graphics card. Because we really shouldn't, so for me, they don't exist. I'll stick with my 1060 until something becomes available on the normal consumer market.


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If you have a 1060, you can play with it for a while... but considering to buy a second handed 1060 today for $300 is absolutely insane IMHO.