Generic Host Process Win32 Service error

By jdr250
Jan 24, 2008
  1. Hi, about two weeks ago, I lost the sound from my speakers. I could only turn up volume if I went into youtube and adjusted volume there but that would only last for a couple of hours. Figured my system is old, no biggie. Then about a week ago, I could receive mail in outlook express but could not send it. After a lengthy conversation with my service provider he figured it was a software issue. The rest of the day my internet connection was iffy, it would lose connection out of the blue. The next day, I woke the computer from hibernation and got an error that said Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. Then a box would open that said NT authority/system authorized shut down. DCom Server process launcher service teminated unexpectedly and then it would count down and restart the computer. It just kept doing it, so I shut down the computer and took it to a computer repair shop. He had it for about 3 days said he installed bigger memory and cleaned out the computer. He gave it back to me and said it was fixed. So when I hooked it up last night everything was ok. I turned on the computer then connected it to my wired router. Well this morning when I woke the computer from hibernation the process started again. The error doesn't happen if you take out the broadband connection. I am at a loss.
    I am running Windows XP on that computer.
    I have broadband internet service running through a wired router.
    The error is "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services"
    error details are:
    sz app name: svchost.exe
    szappver 5.1.2600.2180
    szmond name unknown
    offset 13141a86

    technical report:

    Any and all help would be appreciated. The computer repair guy is leaning towards reinstalling windows, but I really don't want to lose everything (as my cd burner doesn't burn right anymore) this is the kids computer so they don't need the cd burner just internet connection.
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