Geomagnetic storm wipes out batch of newly launched Starlink satellites


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Well that's like decades away before a astronomer colony will happen on the moon or mars. But it is the way to go for sure, atmosphere itself has enough distortions and noises. And linking humans together is more important on Earth.
What most people do not realize is that many ground based scopes already produce better images than Hubble does, and their cost is far less than that of space-based scopes, or building a scope on the moon. For instance:
From the above link:
Adaptive optics technology can be seen on the ground-based Giant Magellan Telescope that’s slated for completion in 2021. Remarkably, with mirrors constructed by the University of Arizona’s Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab, the ground-based GMT will have ten times the resolving power of space-based Hubble.
And just wait until this baby comes on line (projected to be 2024) - Nothing on the ground will be able to compare to this one, and it will also put many space-based scopes to shame with its image quality and observing abilities.

For the projected e-elt cost, the funding for the JWST would have built approximately ten e-elts.

Personally, I think it shows that people simply do not understand ground-based astronomy to say that space-based astronomy will surpass it now, or perhaps at any time in the future.

EDIT: But Musky and SpaceX with Starlink are proceeding at a rapid pace to
eff that all up in the name of a BS commercial adventure that will not bring internet to those who cannot afford it.
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The Muskrat could really become a Messiah if he were to allow everyone to use his system for free. That would be a genuine advance for humanity, but no.................everything has to be about profit.


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The Muskrat could really become a Messiah
I think you've missed the point. He already is the messiah. Just ask him, he'll tell you all about it. He already has more money than the Vatican.

This in spite of the fact, the Holy Roman Catholic Church does have the record for the longest running, and biggest tax dodge scam, in the history of man.
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