German ruling spells trouble for Motorola's 3G patent lawsuits


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Motorola Mobility has been dealt a blow in Germany after a court ruled in favor of Apple in the ongoing standard-essential patent battle between the two firms, in which Motorola…

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Germany is more retarded than France when it comes to this nonsense.

Also, Apple can suck it hard. That is all.


Germans are more retarded? No they are smart as hell. Motorola is squatting the market. A technology should be used not abused. Motorola has antitrust issues and their anti competitive methods failed. This is what all the courts in the world should do if we are to move forward. Good technology should be used everywhere in everything and we should work harder to keep retarded and bad technology away. But it seems the opposite on our retarded planet where good technology is patented and is kept from being used by greed. This system is failing us in a huge way. What German consumers should start doing is refuse to buy anything that motorola makes for motorola is blocking the German consumer from buying one of the greatest inventions the iphone and ipads alike. These patent wars are just getting on everyones nerves.


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Good to see someone coming up with logical decision at last, Google needed to be reminded again and again that it can't steal others IP and stuff it in their OS then claim otherwise. I think if this decision holds throughout the legal process, Google can kiss goodbye to any idea of pressurizing others to let it keep the stolen tech in its OS; a fair outcome IMO. Also FRAND offer from Apple, and also from MS in the other case are steps in the right direction, so this decision should also make Google think in a more 'pragmatic' way.

Hint: Florian Mueller is onto something here Google, so when you are done with all these legal cases, think about getting out of this deal.


Guest#1, the fact that you said "one of the greatest inventions the iphone and ipads alike" makes your argument invalid on so many levels. Good day.


Apple's "reality distortion field" is in fact a "reality delusion field" and any BIG LIAR like Steve Jobs was can do that.
Apple fans are delusional individuals and Apple products are a joke to the IT space.
Apple's marketing techniques are nothing but a scam using it's employes to spam the web with utterly bullshit pro Apple comments.
Apple the home of all *******s.