Germany considers ban on violent games

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Pol*****ic youre definitely attacking a lot of left leaning organization and individuals here in the US. Always saw you as being an independent, hope you are and not just another fool following the right and there ridiculous talking points (Fox & Co). Especially calling them Anti-American when, news flash, they are a business and controversial topics make them money (Fox obviously being the best at this undeniably).

In any case you do make some interesting points, but some concerning ones as well. While slavery isnt murder it could lead to it and it was a despicable act, while we werent the only ones who did it thats no excuse/justification. And Native Americans agreeably did die majority wise to disease there was intent by some to kill/drive them off which was tragic. And I do agree Native Americans werent peaceful but we kinda did invade there land. And lastly Iraq being on that list from guest makes no sense at all while the other two do (He definitely did some cherry-picking). While we did liberate Iraq from a cruel dictator one I dont think anyone agreed with, our justification for going in has been invalidated. We waged a preemptive military action under the assumption that Iraq had WMDs and a link to Al-Qaida against a UN resolution. Neither has been proven to this date and we have never formally declared war, while I do think in the long run the civilians of Iraq are better off, the cost and justifications are a hard debate that will most likely be going on for a long time if not forever.

I might have misread your point but saying the only thing Bush did wrong was the Patriot Act is a bit laughable. There are plenty of things that come to mind including PatAct, Iraq Hurricane Katrina, the economy - being some of the popular and most mainstream ones. Remember the NSA listing in on military spouses having phone-sex when being deployed? Ya clear threat to our national security and good use of our tax dollars. If I misinterpreted what you wrote my apologizes.

Anyway this is ridiculously off topic and I just wanted to voice my view =P.

Back on topic - I have lived in Germany (grew up there) and personally feel as most of you pointed out that they are just overprotective and bearing on the violence issue due to there past. This is by no means anything new but they are definitely taking it too far imo - however I always did find it funny that as a young teen getting booze and watching porn was no problem violence (guns) however was another matter. But coming back here to the US violence (even buying guns and using) was no problem but porn and booze out of the question! *chuckles*


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While this is slightly off topic, not really ridiculously off topic, since it IS politically based... I must respond lol:

Ok, I don't know where you stand on your politics, but it seems like you watch CNN... and it SEEMS that you're subscribing to the "Bush-is-evil" point of view - the movement of which, was led by the Liberal mass media. ;]

I do watch Fox News, listen to Joe Scarsborough (replaced Chris Plante in DC), Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I read a plethora of news from various organizations (including NYT & Washington Post - which sicken me), and I actually read books. I know, ridiculous notion. I do my own research. I also studied and received a degree in Anthropology, which gave me some insight on Native American culture, history and mythology.

That being said, I am a Conservative American (not Republican - anymore) and facts are facts... it doesn't matter where you get your news, so long as it's factual and you can use common sense to figure it out. You seem to forget that journalists are not supposed to have a political point of view and they're supposed to be objective. They're supposed to report the news, not give their opinions about the news or skew the news, etc. That's what's happening and that's what the gripe is about on Fox News, who have also been vilified by the left, because they're pretty much the only non-liberally biased cable news network on television, who's not kissing Obama's *** or blaming America for everything.

Iraq: Please remember that when we went into Iraq, it wasn't based solely on the idea that WMDs were there (though the wrong intel that we had determining that WMDs were there, was a big issue). It was partially because we had intel pointing to their association with Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda. The fact that Saddam Hussein refused to allow the UN to move in to inspect his laboratories/factories based on the intel they had, was the factor that led to an allied invasion. He could have prevented yet another war, had he allowed the UN to inspect his facilities.

To pin the fact that WMDs were not there on Bush is ridiculous, being that he had no way of knowing and all of his intel lead to the belief that WMDs were there. You work with the intel that you have and that's given to you, and based on your investigations you make the best possible decision you can. At the time (and even now), I feel that liberating Iraq was in our best interest. Hussein, if nothing else, was a terror to his own people and a threat to all free countries. It's funny that Iraq turned into a hotbed of Al Qaeda terrorists, no? I mean, regardless of the news media stating that Al Qaeda wasn't there.

Slavery: Yes, Europeans did bring slavery to America, before it was the United States, and via slave ships from Africa. They purchased slaves from black Africans selling other black Africans. It was a big money maker for them and unfortunately, slavery was the norm at that time period. Not saying it was right, because it most certainly wasn't... but blaming the United States for such an atrocious act is ridiculous. In fact, it only took us 86yrs to free slaves from the point of declaring our independence from Great Britain. It took us 86yrs, while it took many other countries centuries and some countries still practice it. While, again, that doesn't excuse us for the use of slaves, I do have to hand it to our founding fathers for setting the "found"ation for a free state for all. This country has done more than any other to increase quality of life for all people and promote equality for everyone.

Native Americans (Indians): Yes, many were killed as a result of war and as a result of expansion. However, we tried our hand at peace with them and they were aggressive. This led to war, when we could have shared the land more liberally. I'm not denying that the Europeans probably had some racial issues going on, which they probably did. The Indians, I would assume, were probably dying by the dozen and felt threatened by the mysteriousness of their illness/disease. I assume they probably felt that witchcraft was involved and thought the white man as the devil and needed to be wiped out. Again, however, we did as much as we could, as a country, to protect their culture/heritage and settlements. They now have protected territories. I would say that Americans are probably the most guilty feeling people on the planet, and we're always trying to right the wrongs of our ancestors, even though those ties are long-past... by hundreds of years.

Bush is not perfect by any means, and I was yelling at him about the silliness of his final acts in office... especially with the passing and support of the first stimulus package, TARP/bailing out the mortgage/financial companies. I also disliked the passing of the PATRIOT act, despite his saying that it was a necessary evil to protect our freedom.

To blame him for a hurricane is just stupid... the media covered Katrina so intently, because it was New Orleans, which is home to many in poverty... and if you don't believe that, then you're just shrouded in progressivism, because TX had a similar hurricane not that long afterward, where even more surface area of the United States was effected - a friend of mine being one of them. The double-standard in this country is absurd. While the mayor and the citizens in New Orleans failed themselves, the people in TX actually worked together to solve their problems, rather than wait for Federal aid. Laziness is to blame for the situation in New Orleans... that, and corruption. Lest we forget the $2k credit cards that were distributed to those who were effected, and the very responsible citizens in that part of the country decided to purchase ipods and other non-essentials.

As for the economy? Look at the numbers: unemployment reaching record lows, stock market reaching epic highs, and the economy flourished from 2002 until 2006, when Democrats took over Congress & Senate. Bush inherited a recession, due to the bubble burst from tech/internet companies, and brought us out of that. He then had the temporary recession due to 9/11, which again... he brought us out of. His tax cuts and economic policies were beneficial for everyone.

In 2006, Democrats were pushing for higher taxes on the evil corporations that employ millions; oil prices started to rise, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others were still made to push "affordable housing" to those who couldn't afford housing, which lead to the real estate bubble burst in 2007, and then Bush took a turn for the worse. Now we have Obama passing bailouts left and right, taking control of industries/companies, while expanding government, printing money and borrowing money from China, causing an even worse recession than we had with Jimmy Carter... and soon to be worse, as he intends to force his health plan down our throats, force green energy & automobiles, utilize a cap & trade system, etc, etc. So, you can blame Bush all you want, just like Obama does, but remember who's forcing what down your throat. He's had plenty of opportunity to stop spending, bailing out, and expanding government... but this is what he wants.

I love the "talking points" argument... when you talk about facts that the liberal media tends to ignore. It's funny that Fox News and other conservatives have been warning of Obama's extreme-left leanings, ever since 2007, and it's funny that Liberals have been ignoring it and throwing these so-called "talking points" aside, when now we have one of the most liberal/progressive Presidents to have ever served in office.

So, no, Bush has been at fault for several things. He also didn't address the illegal immigration issue, which drives me nuts... but the things you mentioned (besides the PATRIOT act) are just false. The liberal media spun the Katrina story to make it Bush's fault... and they spun the economy story, despite knowing that the economy was flourishing until Democrats actually got control of the majorities in Congress and the Senate in 2006.

I'm sorry for getting into this even further, but you're debating with someone named "Pol*****ic," which suggests that this subject is a love of mine, something I follow closely and something I take very seriously, albeit with a grain of sarcasm/humor - I would hope. =X It's your own fault. lol

Back on topic:

Are you under the age of 21? While there are limitations, you're still able to do everything you do in Germany in the US... we even have nude communities and beaches.


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Ban violent games... that's not a good idea. How do they prove that violent games cause violence?. Also how do you define "violent"?. A game one might consider violent might look innocent to another


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Sorry for the delayed response been busy this past week never got around to reply. Gonna be a bit but here I go =D.

First I do not subscribe to the "Bush is evil” non-sense, I may sometimes come off that way but it’s not true. I personally believe if I ever meet him we’d get along. I disagree with many of his policies/decisions and I do have a dislike for some of his cabinet members but not him. I live in Texas and have so most of the time I’ve been residing in the states and was living here when he was governor. When he started running for president I always felt like he never really wanted to be there, and he came off as kinda doing it for the team. Doing it cause of the Bush name and clout, cause he felt an obligation kind of thing…now that that’s cleared up back to the rest.

Secondly I consider myself an independent; mainly because I share values with the democrats, republicans and even libertarians. And the news cast I watch the most is Fox actually (Sheppard Smith is the best imo since he rarely gives opinionated news.) But I do watch CNN and MSNBC regularly as well. And I personally gain my news from multiple sources as you do and can agree using common sense and coming to a conclusion on your own is the best way. Getting your news from one source as I’m sure sadly many Americans do just keeps you too narrow-minded and usually wrong. And I have not forgotten that journalists are not supposed to have political pov, but sadly in today’s 24/7 news it’s very hard to find and since 2000 has been getting worse. All sides have turned more extreme in there broadcasts and make sometimes the most ridiculous and hypocritical statements ever. Fox being the front runner here but not to say the only ones. Then again as I said before it’s a business and they make money off this stuff (ratings, advertisements etc), controversial topics bring in ratings and sell. And yes facts are facts but don’t always believe everything from news sources as they are and can be purposefully wrong. Akre-Wilson case an example, I recommend reading it if you haven’t already. Doesn’t matter your view about the situation the argument that won the appeal is well…pretty clever if not completely wrong. But you seem to know most of this already and as you said do your homework on important topics. All three networks have there issues CNN being everywhere (left and right more left thou) and stupidly twitter/facebook/myspace crazy. MSN left and going more left daily blaming the Bush administration and the republicans. And lastly Fox coming from the right blaming the democrats and Obama. I’m not sure if you watch Jon Stewart (gonna guess no but I don't wanna stereotype) but if you don’t I recommend watching the June 16 episode second segment (after the first commercial). He makes some great points better then I can here at this hour. It is a "left" show but is rather comical and really points out the flaws and how sad our cable media kind of is.

On the subject of Iraq, I apologize for not elaboration on “UN resolution”, what you stated is what I meant just wanted to keep it brief and am already aware of these facts. I am also not pinning WMD’s on Bush the man, but Bush the administration. I’m sure you’ve heard this analogy before as its common but everyone seems to forget it. In football when a team wins (most of the time) you praise the quarterback and if it loses you blame him. That’s kind of the deal here, I do believe with the intel at hand (now in hindsight we know it was wrong) Bush did what he believed to be the best course of action, but in my opinion it was a rushed and not fully/properly thought out decision. We both have separate opinions on this and I’m sure we both can come up with compelling arguments of why and why not. But I believe we both can agree that Bush did what he thought was the right course of action to keep this nation safe.

Not exactly sure where you got the idea that I am blaming the United States for slavery as I never stated that. I would actually have to agree with most of your points, but we do share responsibility of it nothing can dispute that fact. If you thought I was defending the guest poster on his cherry-picked list you’re sorely mistaken. Same goes with Native Americans most of what you say I concur with, and I was actually discussing the issue of our guilt the other day a discussion that could go on forever.

Now to the Katrina point, I apologize for making a hastily post and giving no real substance. I am not saying “omg Bush did it! all his faultz”, I am blaming him though for his reaction. Bush will never be known for good public appearances but he never helped himself with stupidly delayed reactions to a national crises. That was my primary point. Going back to my simple QB analogy on this he’s OUR guy he should be properly responding to situations not having cake with McCain…now I’m not saying he could have known what would happen and such a disaster could occur. But com’on he made some seriously bad PR moves and this was what I meant to point out in a quick manner. His entire administration was to slow to react on Katrina while the media did exaggerate of course (controversy and the blame game sell!).

And to the Texas hurricane, as I pointed out earlier I am a Texan and it hit my family very hard. Three of my relatives houses was hit one of them being a very old house that has been with us for generations since my great-grandparents maybe even longer I’m not entirely sure on the history of it. But I do agree it was handled better and I hope your friend is doing well.

Now to the economy…I am sorry but LOL @ “His tax cuts and economic policies were beneficial for everyone.” I’ll make some brief points here as I am starting to get tired. The economic situation happened under Bush’s watch (he even passed a bailout himself!) and I believe he didn’t handle the situation properly. You also seem to be blaming the democrats for everything post 2006 which is a rather typical right pov. Personally I believe BOTH are at fault, congress on both sides over the years has made some dumb decisions.

You also seem to forget that under Bush the government expanded to its largest ever (if I’m not mistaken it did under most presidents)…shoot we even had a VP who didn’t believe he fell under the legislative or executive branch. Come on now if McCain won he’d have the most expanded government as well. That’s what always cracks me up when this is brought up as the hypocrisy is so obvious and disingenuous. Both sides love power, and are to blame for expansion. But personally I think Biden being VP is the best thing since Quayle to “dumb” down the VP office, but I’m sure he can spell potatoe [sic] =P .

Talking points argument is brought up often cause well…its usually true (like stereotypes). The same nonsense is spewed out of the right consistently and it can be irritating especially when spread to people who don’t double check. And “Obamas extreme-left leaning agenda/presidency” is ludicrous and false. He is a left leaning president that has several moderate views (torture photos anyone? A call I agree with at this point in time, this information should not be made public for at least 10yrs+). I personally do not agree with everything he is doing but several things I do. I voted for him and believed him to be the better of the two choices. Since third parties in this country are sadly a joke…I really believe this country would be much more moderate and better representative if we just had a strong third party that could properly content =/. No more rallying the base horse**** and then coming to the middle for votes.

Bush (the administration) screwed up many things in my view the only one I can agree with not being properly represented is Katrina that was just bad PR management. But his administration didn’t act quickly enough but others are more so to blame imo. The rest he bears responsibility for even if he wasn’t alone at fault he was the president. To the immigration/boarder issue, yes you are right it’s a shame he didn’t address this both sides are scared of this issue and it drives me insane as well. It’s a huge national security matter and imo was never – ever properly dealt with. I live on the boarder and the violence and some of the things going on are even more then the media (both sides I might add) have been reporting. Besides Lou Dobbs of course…lol

And I have no problem with this discussion I do take it seriously and believe it's extremely important. I actually enjoyed it, I find most I know dislike going into discussions where we have disagreements simply because they don’t care to point out there views or share why they feel that way.

And now its off to bed…zzzzzzzzzzz…..if I seem to be missing some points which I surely am its almost 5 am and I’m stupidly tired :).

On Topic:

Yes I am over 21, I was just pointing out how comical it is that while growing up I can remember buying cases of beer and booze at 13 for the family not just myself =O. And coming back to the US I had no problems going out and go shooting at a young age.


You know, I actually would like them to see ban violent video games.

I be laughing when they are force to admit that this approach this not solve the violence problem in teenagers.


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here's a good one for ya ,you have someone susceptible to violence because of mental illness or **** prospects in life ,you have a violent movie or video game and you have a weapon ,gun , fork , whatever ...which one of the three is the problem ,the germans are going for the quick fix, not dealing with the social or poor education issues.
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