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The ibVPN Total Plan offers concrete peace of mind in protecting your online information. For a limited time you can get a 4-year subscription for 84% off at the TechSpot Store.

ibVPN is a secure VPN service for mobile and desktop devices. Not only does it allow you to protect your internet activity from prying eyes, you will be able to view online content regardless of international restrictions. That includes social media sites, streaming TV/radio services, VOIP apps, restricted YouTube videos, and more. ibVPN lets you access any content you desire by providing IP addresses from over 75 VPN servers in nearly 40 countries.

A 4-year ibVPN subscription usually costs $381, but you can get it for $59 - 84% off the original price. ibVPN works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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Your best option for security is not to get involved with a third party. A third party that more than likely has a hidden agenda.

I shall wear a tin hat forever.


What cliffordcooley said.
Remember xkeyscore " “Show me all the VPN startups in country X, and give me the data so I can decrypt and discover the users.”
Certain hostile governments/agencies likely have their hooks in the majority of them now, or are themselves honeypots/collaborations with those entities. It happened with proxies, anonymisers, now vpns. doesn't matter what bull they feed you in their policy.

Theres really no perfect option and tbh they are winning, as the net isnt innovating fast enough and bandwidth seems artificially hobbled to aid blanket data retention.

The idea about p2p would seem like a helpful indicator though, I mean certain governments would not want to facilitate copyright theft.


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Wouldn't it constitute entrapment if a government were to use a VPN service (guaranteed to protect your internet privacy) against you? Anyway, I don't think governments care too much about P2P and pirates. I would think the NSA had more important matters to obsess about. The T-word seems to be the big boom this decade.

As for ibVPN, I have only one question: What's their policy on user traffic logs? A good VPN should never keep logs, so that if they're given a court order to hand over "the evidence," there's nothing to give. Of course, they could be lying... but then we're back to entrapment, no?

I use VPN for a lot of reasons. I use both ad-blockers and script-blockers. I even use PeerBlock. I do everything I can to get a lighter, faster, more secure and most of all private internet experience. That includes using an open source browser that takes privacy seriously (Firefox), and--of course--a solid firewall, and anti-virus (I swear to Malwarebytes). That said, there's no such thing as privacy. We can only do our best to fight off all the trackers, avoid the cloud and never create a facebook account.

My first experience with a VPN service was "Hide My A$$." The speed sucked like a twister, and then I read a story about how they handed over a user's traffic logs to British authorities at the drop of a hat. They sold him out, and he got busted for downloading movies or music or whatever. Now I'm using "Private Internet Access" (PIA), and I'm very happy with that service. Not entirely happy with the client software, though... so I'm looking around for something new.
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