Get rid of network and start all over.

By botgames
Nov 11, 2007
  1. I have a 2 computer ethernet network. XP host and Vista

    There are a few things I did wrong setting up my network.

    I can't share the internet connection is one of my problems. Vista keeps trying to dial up instead of using dsl modem. XP can use verizon online dialer to connect but it also tries to dial up at times. I can't resolve it. I had another thread trying to fix it but everyone tried to help me but it couldn't be resolved.

    How do I get rid of my network and start all over?

    Another question...why doesn't Vista have a network wizard? I couldn't find it. I used it that one time from the XP cd but now I can't find it on the cd or the Vista hdd. I did a search and help and support with no luck.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Tmagic650

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  3. botgames

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    I already have Vista network working

    I still want to start all over. I think it would be easier starting all over then trying to fix the problems. Which I have been unsuccessful in figuring out what is the source of the problems.

    I just want to start fresh. Again any help would be appreciated.
  4. nickc

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    u do not have to have the windows CD if u have an A: drive, in XP in the Control Panel go to the Network setup wizard. it will build the network and then make a cd, dvd, or floppy whichever u have to use.
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