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By Ididmyc600
Jul 21, 2007
  1. Hi all

    I run a Domain server at home, I was bored one day and built it, all the PC's logon to the Domain server called "server1".

    Now I have been reading up on policies and want to implement one that would get the desktop of each PC to show a picture of my choosing.

    So I go to the server and run active directory users and computers, i right click server1 and choose properties and then choose group policy.

    In there at the moment is "Default group Policy" and nothing else, now I read that I click new and create a new policy which I called "network PC policy", in there I can find all the bits about setting the desktop picture and have created a test.jpg and pointed the policy to use that.

    Now assuming that so far I am right (and feel free to point out if i have gone wrong) how do I now get the PC's on the network to pick up this policy.?

    Any links or guides on how to do this would be helpful, I did a google but couldnt seem to find out how to do the last part.


    I found something on MS about creating an OU, I did this and now have an OU in active directory users and computers called familypc inside that I have a group called familyusers and it has 1 member, testuser, I copied the earlier made policy from server1 into this OU and added the testuser to the security rights and have ticked "apply group policy", but i still dont get the restriction i setup...

  2. raybay

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    Sounds like you are again in the lead on an interesting issue. We will be looking for what you decide.
  3. Ididmyc600

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    There must be someone on here with an idea who missed this thread so excuse the bump.

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