Getting into a continuous booting loop every time I attach the network cable

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Feb 18, 2005
  1. I have a Windows XP machine that was recently attacked by a bunch of malware programs. I have been cleaning it and hope that most of the rubbish is gone. The Windows works OK, until I attach the network cable (that leads to my Xyzel Prestige 643 ADSL router). In a few (very few!) moments the computer will boot itself and get into continuous booting loop.

    It will reach the Windows XP Home splash screen, show the mouse cursor for a brief moment and boot again. As soon as I detach the network cable, the Windows will start OK. Safe mode works OK.

    What should I do? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.
  2. koo-jii

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    Some additional information

    I have tried the following since writing the first question:
    - installed SP2
    - removed and reinstalled the LAN driver
    - installed an external (D-Link USB2) LAN card

    No help! When I try to open the network properties, it flashes a hundreth of a second on the screen, so I can't actually see what's in my network (e.g. TCP/IP settings etc).

    If I disable the network connection, the computer won't start the boot loop. The loop is started whenever I enable my network connection and the computer is starting to get an IP address. It searches for it for a moment, then suddenly reboots.

    After I detach the network cable and the Windows reappears "healthily", I'll get a message on the screen telling something like "the system has recovered from a fatal error".

    The malware removed from the computer includes but isn't limited to:
    - porynt.dll
    - Saristar
    - comload.dll
    - MediaTicketsInstaller
    - topantispyware
    - several GAIN and Claria variants
    - etc etc etc

    By the way: I have to admit, that it isn't my computer, but a friend's. He ran it with a NATless ADSL modem and without a firewall...

    Again: any help is welcome, regards, koo-jii
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  4. koo-jii

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    Yes, but what is wrong?

    I am quite aware that "the computer isn't clean yet". However, I have done exactly as you suggested and downloaded (with my own safe, clean and protected machines) all the relevant programs (spybot, ad-aware, cwshredder, hijackthis, M$antispyware etc). They all say that the computer is clean.

    Well, HJT shows me a few program names that I (or Google) doesn't recognise:
    - fkis.dll
    - calt.exe (Stda)

    Everything else is recognised, more or less :confused:

    I am, however, somewhat confused about: "what malware can put my computer into a booting loop instantly after I attach the network cable?". Is it possible, that the networking system of my Windows is "hurt" somehow. You remember, that I can't go to see my networking properties, the window just doesn't show!. I didn't, however,get any error messages when updating to SP2

    Regards, koo-jii
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    That post of mine helps get the worst offenders out, but as stated is by no means complete!
    So post your HJT-log as a hjt.txt attachment please.
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