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Getting new processer-which one?

By Des12
Dec 19, 2004
  1. I basically don't know anything about computer building or anything so I want to have these things

    1) 3.0ghz pentium 4 processer (hyperthreading/ would amd be better for gaming?)
    *somebody suggested ASUS was a good gaming processer/motherboard maker and i am a really heavy gamer

    2) PCI-Express slot (for graphics card)

    3) $200 range

    Currently i have a

    Intel Celeron 2.00ghz (not good for todays games, especially celeron )
    512 Ram
    35 GB harddrive
    Nvidia FX 5200 PCI (i am going to get ATI X700 PCI-E when i get new processor)

    Also i am going to buy a 6000 rpm fan for 20-30 dollars
    One question-Should I upgrade my motherboard if i get a new processor?
    Also Should i just buy a new comp? But i really dont want to do that
  2. FireDawg

    FireDawg TS Rookie

    First is what is your Budget? As a whole I would go with an AMD for gaming most likely the 64bit 939 boards with pci-v.

    Asus makes good boards but make sure the board you get meets all the things you want. I have always liked ABIT, Asus, DFI and MSI.

    Get good memory like corsair or OCZ. If pricing is an issue go with a 754 board and get an agp card.

    Most of the replys you get are going to be opinions. Do your own research on the boards and try to find the best fit for you. Goodluck
  3. Lostfaith

    Lostfaith TS Rookie Posts: 19

    ^listen to him.

    gaming -> Amd Athlon64 for socket939 (you'll need this one & try getting the 90nm aka winchester version)

    video/audio encoding -> Intel (though amd outscores intel in some specific tests like lame mp3 encoding)

    google for any more reviews on amd athlon 64s versus intel prescotts in benchmarks/games. but you can take my word, amd is kicking intel around in games.

    if you have any setup in mind just ask, but 200$ is not gonna cut it probably.
  4. JET673_311

    JET673_311 TS Rookie

    I'd have to agree with both these fella's

    If i were you i'd go with AMD. Most Athlon xp's measure better workbench performance and frame rate. PCWorld recently had some articles on Athlon processors.

    If you doing alot of gaming make sure to get atleast 512 mb RAM and ATI's 9600XT has been going on sale quite alot. It will run Doom 3 on medium settings with no slow down.

    All these upgrades your talking about will run you pretty high, bout the cost of a cheap computer....
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