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GF4 Ti4600 Problems

By Yvrien
Dec 25, 2002
  1. For Christmas, among the gifts I got included some passive memory heat sinks and also new GF4 fan and memory sinks. I followed the installation link off their website, found at
    ThermalTake's website

    I'm sure everything was installed correctly and I didn't change anything not mentioned in the diagrams. I now have distorted video in my geforce 4 ti4600 card, can't log on using it, and have been using my old video card (gf2 mx400) which works completely fine.

    So, I know the graphics card is at fault, but I'm not sure why\how it can be fixed.

    I'm sure its pushed down into the AGP slot fully, and I've tried resetting my mobo jumper to make sure that its not recognizing the wrong bus speed.

    The only difference between my installation is that my PNY technology GF4ti4600 card did not come with a 3-pin on-card fan power plugin, so I had to connect the cables to molex wires. I'm sure the fan's working fine also. Then, just to make sure it wasn't the fan at fault, I tried re-installing the default Stock fan, and the same exact problem (distorted video) occured, so I know the problem isn't the fan.

    Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated
  2. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,798   +459

    Make sure you only apply a thin layer of thermal compound and secondly check for firm and even contact. I would check the ram in particular (as the distortion tells me you might be having ram overheating problems).
  3. Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly TS Rookie

    I had a similar problem a few months back with my Leadtek GF4 TI 4600

    It was fine for months until I moved house. Then when I played 3D games, dots would appear on the textures. They would build up and build up to the point the textures were all coloured dots. Then the game would crash back to windows.

    This turned out to be a heat problem as the heatsink had come away from the board. When I pushed the heatsink to the board, the dots would slowly disappear.

    Later on when I tried to fix the problem, the heatsink may have shifted or the card suffered a bit of a bump and white squares would appear during the startup screen. Once it came to the WinXP welcome screen, the display was covered in blocks of white and black and would freeze.

    I sent the card back for warranty and they sent me a new card.

    TIP: don't screw around with the heatsink too much or else you may hurt the components underneath and may put patches in the termal paste. Also, push the board rather than the heatsink when inserting the card (the Leadtek GF4 has that huge wrap around sink with 2 fans in it. Me thinks Leadtek were having some heating probs in the prototypes)

    As for your problem, it could be that you pushed a little too hard on the sinks and hurt the memory on the card. It may have taken a bump or damaged one of the components on the board. It could also be something connecting some of the buses on the board and shorting out the chips (like some termal paste). They are the only things that come to mind so it could be something else entirely.

    Hope that helped.

    Mr Wiggly
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