Ghost 2003. Allow cloning of small to larger partitions?

By sicarius
Nov 16, 2002
  1. When you clone a drive on Ghost 2003 from say a 30 gig drive to a 120 gig drive. Does it make a 30 gig partition on the larger drive and then leave the rest or does it allow you to expand partitons? As in upgrading a hard drive will the new drive be a C:30 gig and d:90 gig or will it allow me to have a single c:120 gig with the ghosted OS and programs intact.

  2. Nodsu

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    Ghost will clone the partition, meaning you'll get the (almost) same-sized thing on the other drive. You need another utility to resize like PartitionMagic.
  3. StormBringer

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    I'd suggest you not use the drive as a single partition, this is asking for trouble. I'd even recommend that you make the primary partition smaller than that 30GB. Just put your OS and essential apps on it, then make another for other apps and games, another for data, maybe another for music, etc... It is also a good idea to have your pagefile on a separate partition as well. This partition scheme will make more efficient use of the drive and will reduce fragmentation as well as serving as a safety net if you have problems that require you to format the primary partition.
    I generally don't like using partitions larger than 10 GB or so, unless I need it that way for large files.

    You should be able to do all that using Partition Magic after you put the image on there. You could even use PM to resize and partiion the smaller drive before you ghost it.
  4. sicarius

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    I did some looking and finally found some things in the knowledge base. Ghost 2003 will do that. You have to use the
    -sze command key it looks like. As far as partition size this is for a customer and they are always right. I found the answers searching google instead of symantecs own knowledge base. Google directed me to the knowledge base articles that syamntecs searches would not.

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