Mar 22, 2007
  1. Set up model computer with all software installed and all current XP updates. It is a brand new HP dt530....Pulled image to server successfully, yet when I pushed out to identical machines, I get a Blinking cursor after Post. I have imaged these machines before and never have run into this...Is the problem the image file? Server? Where do I start to fix this headache? PLease help. Runnning Ghostcast Server 7.5...
  2. Nodsu

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    Did you take an image of the entire disk or just the partition?

    Maybe you want to use UDPcast instead..
  3. ONE

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    I took an image of the entire DISK...It has worked before on a previous image before I reverted back to the previous image and same result...I can't even get the old(working image) to work....I have a classroom full and all give me the same result...blinking cursor... they are actually hp compaqs dc5000 MTs....I have imaged hundreds of machines, especially ones that have the exact same hardware and have never run into this problem...What is UDPcast? Thanks in advance!
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