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Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D offers features and stability

By Phantasm66
Aug 4, 2004
  1. MBreview.com have posted a review of the Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D, a nice new mobo from a company I am sure we have all learned to love and trust.

    Designed for the IntelĀ® 90nm Prescott LGA775 range of processors, the GA-8ANXP-D boasts many cool highlights, including 6 DDR-II DIMM 240-Pin Slots, 1 x PCI-Express x16, 3 x PCI-Express x1, 8 x SATA and 9 x USB 2.0. Oh, and the latest incarnation of DPS, and a wireless LAN card! By all accounts a good performer and a stable motherboard, this new offering from Gigabyte is well worth a look.
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