Gigabyte Kt400 problem

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Ok here are my specs:
Athlon XP 2200+
Gigabyte KT 400 AGPP8X/FSB333
Geforce 3 ti200(think its Ti200) with 128 RAM
40 GigHD
Audigy Sound Card
Runing winXP

I upgraded my system from an AthlonXP 1700 with 256 MB of ram to an Athlon XP 2200 with 512 DDR. I used thermal paste on the CPU. THe computer booted up with no problem and the jumpers were set as auto, so it detected chip as a Athlon XP 2200+

It ran fine for 30 mins (i was surfing the web in windows xp), then the computer suddenly shut off. I thought maybe the CPU overheated or something, so I let it cool for a few hours and tried again. It didn't boot. There is a small light that turns on by the RAM when I hit the power, and the CPU FAN + the Motherboard fan twitches slightly(twitches only, it desn't turn on).

Well I went and bought another Athlon XP 2200 thinking I burned out the chip. Put the new chip in and the same problem as above (fan only twitches) occured--it didn't boot.

I took the Athlon XP 2200 chip I had thought was burned out and swapped it into my other computer. The other computer booted no problem...So I know it is not the chip at fault.

I removed my MB and reinstalled it(took out and put back all the cards) and still have the same problem. Right now I only have the videdo card, Ran,and IDE cable connecting the HD in.

What do I do? The Motherboard was working perfectly for several months. It is new. I don't see how I could have blown the motherboard

Please Help, I am pulling out my hair!


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Have you cleared the CMOS with the jumper on the board? Thats the first thing that I would try. That will set the bios to default settings and may allow you to boot the machine up again.

I am having exactly the same problem here, I've went to Gigabyte's site and they stated that it might be due to the improper installation of the heatsink. thus cpu was over heated and invoked the thermal protection built into the motherboard.

However...I am going to have look at it now, I'll just assume that they are right...but my computer has been running for half year without problems...(except minor), so hope that they were right coz I am still in doubt.


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Sorry you didnt check the suspect chip in the other pc before buying another.The Idea of the heatsink doesnt sound that far out.My heatsink is threaded through the board and with the vibration could come loose.Your heatsink could vary.Did you see this story? Wild.What about voltage in bios?Hope your able to fix your problem.
Interesting idea about the thermal protection. Ho do you then fix it? I don't see a cmos RESET PIN. Its understandable when the CPU burns out, but not the MB when putting a CPU in!


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Are you sure you have reconnected the CPU Fan to the CPU fan header on the motherboard? Many motherboards won't power up unless you have a fan connected there. Also could be power supply shutdown which usually requires pulling off the AC cord to reset the PS.

There should be a minijumper near the CMOS battery to reset CMOS. Check your MB manual for location.
I've got my problem solved (think?...). My problem resides with the power supply unit. somehow the power supply must have gotten faulty with it. so no matter which computer I put it on, same problem resides. that power supply must've got to the end of its service life :p

anyway, thx everyone.
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