GM is ditching Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for all EVs starting next year


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I personally object to making a forced payment to Apple if I bought a new car (note, Android Auto is free, the software is free, and the specification is free if someone else wishes to implement the spec on their own); Apple CarPlay, Apple charges each and every company using it a per-unit fee.

That said -- I made sure when I bought my Chevy Cruze to get one with NO entertainment system in it. GM's previous entertainment system SUUUUUUUCKED, and a regular (AM/FM/SirusXM) radio with knobs and buttons was the way to go IMHO.

It certainly doesn't sound like a great start to me, essentially "Oh, it doesn't *have* any apps, but don't worry, we'll get around to adding them at some point." If I wanted an entertainment system, I'd MUCH rather they just threw in Android Auto and (ugh..) Apple CarPlay.


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Yet another Google hater/Apple fanboy. So tired of this "Google is evil" garbage. You want Apple to be the sole provider? You should encourage competition that pushes Apple.

Not an Apple fanboy. I have an Android phone. But Google is a lot bigger than phones. It was made as an all-encompassing spying operation. And it probably is the biggest spying and censorship operation on the planet. They have more data than government agencies. Are they evil? Well, yeah, considering the influence they make to help certain agendas. Could they be much worse. Sure. They aren't as bad as they could be.