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By Julio Franco
Dec 6, 2002
  1. I will start off with Ars' first installment on their 'Understanding the Microprocessor' series, I haven't read the whole thing myself yet as I haven't had enough time but expect the usual quality stuff from Ars.

    Hard Drive performance should be taken very seriously. TR has posted an IDE RAID round-up which also gives you a general idea on how you could make your data more reliable and at the same time get faster access times. x-bit has a similar article in which they compare IDE RAID setups to SCSI products... hmmm... 15,000 RPM!
    While we are at it, a deserved mention to Vehementi, one of our forum regulars, who posted his take on WD's Special Edition 120GB HDD here on the boards.

    Continuing with the articles galore, Anandtech has a comprehensive round-up of nForce 2 motherboards most of which are already available in retail shelves, you can check prices here.

    Ace's Hardware also has a couple of good reads this week, the first is another put-your-a$$-in-the-know kind of article talking about Mainframes. Also a quick look to Apple's newest G4 PC is available here.
  2. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    Thanks Julio!

    The Understanding the Microprocessor link was excellent!
    The G4 link was interesting, at the very least...
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