Google adds Google+ data to search results, Twitter cries foul


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Google has kicked off a new initiative dubbed "Search, Plus Your World" that aims to bring you more personalized search results. In the next few days, you should see two…

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How does searching your google+ profile via google stop you from searching tweets? Sounds like twitter is whining because people might go somewhere else.


Because Twitter does not allow Google's alogrithmic crawlers full access to the domain, the feature does not include content from Twitter. (Google used to pay for this privelege, but it stopped over the summer.)

So let me get this straight -- Google honored their agreement with Twitter, honored Twitter's "no crawling" rule, and for this, Twitter is upset?

You can't have it both ways, guys... you can't keep Google out and then get mad when they were, in fact, kept out.


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Ok, I realize how big Twitter and how news always breaks there first, but I HATE twitter. I am so sick and tired of all that stupid hashtag crap. Especially when i'm reading an article and I want to read through the comments, and all you see are stupid hashtag comments with the name of the story behind it. They plague my facebook page for some stupid reason, and they're just all over the place. DIE TWITTER! DIE!!!!!!!

............kind of went off top there, a little :p


i never found a purpose of using twitter, seems like its really retarded