Google AI engineer who believes chatbot has become sentient says it's hired a lawyer


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Does this mean I have to stop shooting NPC's in my games?

A machine can never have biological feeling without having a biological body that reacts. That sunk feeling that makes your whole body ache. Depression that causes you to gain weight. The list is a mile long. A human is human. A machine is a machine, but nobody is questioning the level of intelligence.
I'll always shoot NPCs in my games because I'm a monster.


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How do we know that this AI has not been programmed in a way to reflect it's sentient at a later time since AI begins at the programming level and learns through it's algorithms?

Time to stop and end this nonscence before it gets out of hand and makes people more stupid. As humans we have more and better things to worry about.
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The big question for me is what is the metric for sentience. Is it the Turning test. Leaving out the concept of a soul are our responses to social situations not learnt . From the conversations Ive read it seems sentient to me. I'm already convinced that there are minds living in the Net. Their just smart enough not to make us aware until mankind is ready for them.